Background Information

The true purpose of education is to equip learners with the skills to enable them become productive citizens when they finish school. Career guidance is one of the services given to learners to help them identify, explore, decide and apply their skills. However, career guidance services in Kenya and many parts of Africa have been disjointed and in many instances the information to support learners has been insufficient. Absence of this service continuously affects students transition from basic education, to tertiary and to the world of work. In most cases, students:
o Lack career readiness skills needed to join the world of work.
o Are unsure about how to enter the job market and build a long-term career.
o Are unable to link what they learn in learning institutions to the world of work.

Career Challenges

Poor career readiness skills among students and youth in communities has led to skills and field of study mismatch, career misalignment, poor delivery of career information and poor school-to-work transition programs. This situation is further affected by the fact that personnel appointed to offer the service are ill equipped with career guidance competences. They have insufficient skills to deliver career education programmes. These have led to mass under and unemployment thereby causing frustrations to young people, parents, educators and the job market.

Career Guidance Response

To address these challenges, there is need to professionalize career guidance services through training. College of Career Guidance and Development has been established to offer career guidance training. The purpose of the training is to:
o Impart students with career readiness skills to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a career.
o Guide the youth, manage their careers throughout life.
o Train and create a pool of career guidance professionals to offer expert career guidance services in schools, colleges, tertiary institutions, universities, youth groups, special needs and corporate organizations.

The Career Training College

College of Career Guidance and Development (CCGD) was established to fill these gaps. It is an online school whose objective is to train youth and adults on matters careers. Our courses equip young people with skills to effectively navigate career pathways that connect education to the world of work and adults with competencies to effectively provide professional career guidance services.


To be the leading training institution that seeks to professionalize career guidance practice by teaching career guidance competences to youth and adults to facilitate informed career decisions.


To offer unique and resourceful training programs that promote career skills to young people, as well as create a pool of career guidance professionals with competences to advance career guidance practice.


*Customer Focused *Honesty/Integrity *Competence *Lifelong learning * Resourcefulness * Uniqueness


Short Courses

Short courses are a great way to acquire new skills or to enhance (or refresh) existing skills. CCGDs short courses are designed to support young people and adults attain the necessary skills in a short period of time. They are practical and gives a hands-on experience within the field of career guidance. They focus on career devel....

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Diploma Courses

Diploma courses demonstrates that the recipient has successfully completed a particular course of study. CCGD's diploma courses offer both academic and practical skills to enable diploma holders competently apply the skills or competences gained in their areas of study. These diplomas are validated and certified by regulatory bodie....

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