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Welcome to Ajira Poa career guidance and development platform. This program is based on the fact that every person is unique and wired differently. The career guidance session will take you through a four-step process of: Self and Career awareness of your personal interests, talents, skills, personality and abilities; Career exploration; Career action planning and Career decision making. These steps will help you make an informed choice of your career pathway. We are excited to impart the skills and support you!

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Pathways Overview
College Readiness
College Readiness course prepares trainees to navigate the available post-secondary education options. The training orients and prepares you to make informed decisions about your preferred post-secondary education option. Upon completion, you should be able to identify your post-secondary education, choose an appropriate course aligned to your passion, job market needs, and develop action plans necessary to achieve your academic and career goals. This is a guided training taking five days, 2 hours each day. Each trainee is expected to attend and participate in virtual class sessions and undertake post, mid and post lesson learning activities.
Apprenticeship is a program that trains a worker (apprentice) to become skilled in a particular trade or profession. They give people work experience and training, as they explore their career pathway in an industry of their choice. It a mode of job training whose goal is to help the apprentice become skilled. They learn their skills lessons through working or doing. In this training, you will learn basics of apprenticeship, types of apprenticeship, how to get an apprenticeship opportunity through a 2-hour guided virtual lessons for five days. Upon completion, it is expected that you will be able to identify and apply for apprenticeship programmes in your area of interest.
Are you passionate about running your own business? Entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up a business. In this course will give you exposure to the basics of entrepreneurship through various topics. The goal is to impart skills to help you identify a business opportunity in your community and write a basic business plan for it. The training will be delivered through 2-hour guided virtual lessons for five days. The teaching style will be hands-on using experiential learning that includes individual and group activities, videos, and take-home assignments.
Workplace Readiness
Workplace Readiness course imparts trainees with skills necessary to navigate the job market. Workplaces are constantly changing and so employees and jobseekers need tools to help them get started. As such this course will train you on work place expectations and what skills and tools are needed to succeed. Upon completion, you should be able to draft your own CV, a job application letter, describe job interview process and much more. These are essential tools for finding jobs or internship. The content will be delivered through 2-hour guided virtual lessons for five days to sharpen these skills so that you will be ready for job entry and workplace success.
The Ajira Project Team

Margaret Waithaka

Head of Programme

Dr Mercy Maina

Head of Teaching & Learning

Edward Aligula

Tutor College Readiness

David Osinya

Tutor Aprenticeship

Christine Tindi

Tutor Entrepreneurship

Virginia Ruguru

Tutor Workplace Readiness

Caroline Kamene