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Have you ever been curious about what military personnel do? Are you fascinated by their uniform or combat gear? And what about during national days when they match seamless at the commands of the head of the Squad, do you wish you could join them? But what about when they are sent to war torn countries and risk their lives? Well, careers in military are many. Some are at the frontline while others are in the support services. For this reason, you should not fear! Let’s see how it works.
Military is the armed forces responsible for securing and defending a country from eternal threat either by land, sea or air. Careers in military are divided into two main career pathways: servicemen also called enlisted personnel and military officers.

Servicemen typically work in military operations such as combat (battle), disaster relief or humanitarian work.  Have you ever heard of military peace keeping missions being sent in war torn countries?  This is a good example of humanitarian work done by military. In such missions they protect civilians from being attacked, or actively prevent conflict, or reduce violence. They also strengthen security and empower national authorities to assume these responsibilities.

Military officers on the other hand are professionals in various field such as education, law, accountancy, medicine, logistics and transportation, technical fields such plumbing, wood work etc., engineering, chaplaincy (I hear you exclaim, yes military also need spiritual nourisshminent) and many other fields.
These officers depending on their field of training plan, organize, and lead troops and activities in military operations. Others operate, command or maintain military equipments and tools such as aircraft, ships, or armoured vehicles. While others provide medical, legal, engineering, and other services to military personnel.

What about media and public affairs personnel in military? Yes, they prepare and present information about military activities to the military and the public. Have you walked around military facility and it is clearly marked “NO PHOTOGRAPHY”? Yes, this is because these military media personnel are the only one authorized to take photographs. They also make video programs, present news and music programs, or conduct interviews for military purposes. Does this sound exciting and you would like to join the military and you don’t know how to?

You need not wonder anymore! Discover Your Post School Options short course gives you. This is your chance! There is a career for everyone! Take charge. Take the course today!
Taking a Career and College Readiness course will give you details on these careers, how to get enlisted and many more!  This is an online transitional course for youth leaving high school into life after high school. The course is designed to impart skills to anyone aspiring to join tertiary education or any post-secondary training locally or internationally and other post high school options available. It is able to answer questions like; Who am I? What next after high school?  What are the different types of post high school options? What is College success? What if i don't go to college? The course takes Four (4) Weeks and has interactive activities to enrich your learning experiences. It helped me discover unlimited possibilities!

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