Friday, 21st May 2021 | 01:48:23 PM | 1.1 mins read | By Qazini

For as long as you’ve been alive, people have been trying to tell you how to live.

It started when you were a baby. Don’t touch that! Sit still. Behave.

As you moved on through adolescence you learned more rules. Play nice. Raise your hand. Study hard. Get good grades.

Then, during the most impressionable period of your life, you’re told “the rules.”

You were told as long as you worked hard and followed directions, everything would be fine.

You’d get a nice job, have a nice home, and have a nice life. It’d be steady, even, and certain.

As I discuss at length in my book, often people follow the rules, do the right thing, and wind up miserable. It’s only after they realize their life is in their hands they decide to make a change.

Then, like I myself have done, they go searching for answers.

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