A skills training for career guidance service providers in schools & community

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Engage™ is a short capacity building program on career guidance and development skills for staff members involved in offering career guidance and development services in learning institutions, workplaces and communities. Its purpose is to develop immediate skills to deliver systematic, effective and efficient career guidance services. The overall goal is for the participants to learn key skills on how to offer impactful career services.

Course Name:

Engage™ Capacity Building Training

Course Objectives:

The objective of the course is to offer skills to:
• describe the functions and roles of career guidance services in different settings (learning institutions, work places or communities),
• develop key service delivery competencies needed to deliver the career guidance services to different clients across lifespan
• engage different stakeholders.

Course Approach:

The course has four - tier approach: Career Guidance Services; Personal competencies; Clients services and Stakeholder engagement
• Career guidance services: identification, implementation and measuring results of services for different settings
• Service delivery competencies: key staff competences necessary to deliver quality and efficient services
• Client services: career guidance services for all people at all ages across lifespan
• Stakeholders’ engagement: key competencies to build collaborations and partnerships.

Course Duration:

• Four (4) weeks

Course Format & Delivery:

• Four (4) Modules delivered either:
o In person or face to face
o Virtual via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
o Blend of both
• Time investment is 4 hours a week!

Course Methodology:

• Guided lectures
• Case studies
• Personal reflections
• Group work
• Quick quizzes
• Quick polls

Certificate Of Completion:

• Awarded upon successful completion of course


• Kshs. 39,500 per person

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