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Parents play a huge role in the choice’s children make when they start looking for a career. They influence the level of education or training that their children achieve, the knowledge they have about work and different occupations, the beliefs and attitudes about work and the motivation they need to succeed. As such parents through National Parents Association have partnered with CCGD to offer this course for their children to get appropriate and timely career guidance to ensure they make informed choices and decisions. Thank you, parents, for this initiative.

The Career and College Readiness Course™ is a transitional course for youths leaving high school into life after high school. It is a guide to help them explore various options available.  This course is cognizant of the fact that most Kenyan youths do not get an opportunity to work with professionally trained and certified career counsellors when making post high school education and career choices. Benchmarked on the best practices of career guidance, the course imparts skills to navigate that turbulent stage of transition.

Course Name:

Career and College Readiness Course : (Discover Your Post High School Options)

Course Level:

Short Course

Course Target Group:

The course is designed for students who:
o completed high school in the last 5 years and is still struggling with what to do.
o dropped out of school and looking for ways to earn a living.
o lacked the right information that can kick start their career and succeed in life!

Course Outcomes:

This course takes you through the journey of:
o Self-awareness/discovery (personal interests, talents, skills, personality and abilities).
o Exploration of ALL post school options, career pathways and important requirements.
o Decision making (tie down all your learning into informed choices).
o Action Planning (tips on how to succeed).

Course Certificate:

Certificate of Attendance

Course Duration:

2 Weeks

Course Cost:

Ksh 5,000 | USD 50

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