Subject Selection and Choices Toolkit

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Many students at end of Form 1 or 2 are often unsure what subjects they should choose. Should they focus on the subjects they enjoy, or those they are told will lead to the best jobs? Should they consider all sciences, technical or humanities, or spread their bets on all? They further wonder whether the subjects they study at school really have a bearing on their later life?

Subject Selection and Choices exercise is not only a mandatory exercise set by Ministry of Education, curriculum developers and other educational bodies but also important for all students. This is because among others, it may support their:
* studies in Form 3-4;
* interests and abilities;
* career goals and aspirations;
* grading and certification at the end of secondary school;
* field of study after high school.

Unfortunately, many students struggle to navigate through this exercise either due to:
* lack of information on its importance,
* insufficient skills and resources on how to make choices,
* poor understanding of subjects offered in the curriculum
* poor linkage of subjects taught in the classroom to world of work
* parental and peer influence and pressure.
* insufficient preparation of teachers charged with that responsibility.

To help students respond to these worries, College of Career Guidance & Development has developed step-by-step Guidelines on Subject Selection and Choices that are beneficial to all Form 2 students in secondary schools. The TOOLKIT is packaged in video format to unpack these questions systematically. Benchmarked on the best practices of subject selection and choices procedures, these guidelines impart skills to help each student make informed subject choices irrespective of the category of school. IT'S A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY SCHOOL!

Who should use this resource?

a. All subject teachers
b. Career teachers
c. All students at the end of Form Two or before they choose subjects.
d. Parents

Mode of delivery

Video Format

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